S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Mobile Number Mail ID
1 Mr. V. Harikrishna Assistant Professor (Contract) 9133780996 harikrishna445@gmail.com
2 Mr. D. Santhosh Gupta Assistant Professor (Contract) 9989567744 guptaucen@gmail.com
3 Mrs. A.Radha Assistant Professor (Contract) 9949972427 reethu.a@gmail.com
4 Mr. M. Thirumalesh Assistant Professor (Contract) 9030449987 maddiboyana.thirumalesh@gmail.com
5 Mr. S. V. Sai Prasad Assistant Professor (Contract) 7731057325 saiprasadjntuk@gmail.com
6 Mr. Y.Naveen Kumar Assistant Professor (Contract) 9491927364 yerra.naveenkumar@gmail.com

Guest Faculty

S.No Name of the Faculty Mobile Number Mail ID
1 Ms. N.Teja Sri 9652059582  nallitejasri2@gmail.com

Supporting Staff

S.No Name of the Staff Designation Mobile Number
1 Mr. P.S.Bhargava Murali Krishna Office Assistant 9703174666
2 Mr. P.Siva Parvathi Attender 9398672191