About the Department of Mathematics and Basic Sciences

The Department of Mathematics and Basic Sciences was set up at the commencement of the College. The Department of M & B S has well qualified, experienced and committed faculty members A sound of knowledge of mathematics is considered a prerequisite for any Engineering professional to be successful in his chosen field. Physics and Chemistry are considered the basic sciences from which all Engineering branches have evolved. In today’s world of sophisticated technology, it is imperative for every literate especially for engineering professional to have an understanding of the environmental hazards leading to the development of Eco- friendly technologies. Insights into modern management practices provide an edge for all engineering professionals in becoming successful entrepreneurs. Growing importance of English as a tool for global communication has placed a lot of emphasis on training the students in this area. Here communication has placed a lot of emphasis on training the students in this area. Here students of all branches are exposed to language communication skills in English, Science like of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, & Management science. The students are also exposed to engineering Physics & Chemistry laboratories. The success rate of the students at the end/final exams is very satisfactory during recent years. Extra class tests are conducted apart from regular curriculum. Adequate library & laboratory facilities are available. Repetition facilities are also extended to the students for better practice in the laboratory experiments in every academic year. When required, personal counselling is given to the students with poor attendance and academic back ground in every academic year. Occasionally teachers are permitted to attend seminars, conferences, workshops etc., for improvement of professional skills.