Class Rooms – 4 Nos.

Staff Rooms – 2 Nos.

Departmental Laboratories – 4 Nos.

Departmental Library Rooms – 1 Nos.

Students’ Activities Room – 1No.

Seminar Hall – 1No.

Details of class rooms:-

S.NoYearRoom No.Area in Sq.mtRoom capacity
1II B.TechLH-110572
2III B.TechLH-210572
3IV B.TechLH-310572


Lab Infrastructure:-

S.NoName of the LabArea in Sq.mtRoom capacity
1EDC Lab13235
2STLD Lab13235
3Communication Lab13235
4Computer Lab15072



  1. ECE department has several laboratories, including a computer lab for academic needs of undergraduate research & development students.
  1. All labs are equipped with the standard apparatus and software to facilitate students to carry out R&D projects.
  1. The labs can accommodate 35 students per session at a time.
  • Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab:
    1. Students conduct experiments on the characteristics of various semiconductor devices like
    Diodes, BJTs, UJT, FETs, DIACs, TRIACs, and more.
    1. Students handle equipment such as CROs, function generators, regulated power supplies,
    Multi meters, breadboard trainers, ammeters, voltmeters, trainer kits, etc.
  • Communications Lab:
    1. Students get hands-on-experience on various analogue modulation techniques such as AM, FM,
    2. PM and detection methods.
    3. Students get hands-on-experience on various digital modulation techniques such as ASK, FSK,
    4. PSK, QPSK, PCM, and DPCM.
    5. Students study the designing of different communication circuits.
    6. Equipment available include analog and digital communication lab trainer kits, function
    7. Generators, RF signal generators, power supplies, digital storage oscilloscopes, spectrum Analyzer, etc.
  • Switching Theory and Logical Design:
    1. Students train in Logic Gate Trainer Kits.
    1. Students Practice the Experiments in Breadboard Trainer kits.
  • Digital Signal Processing:
    1. Students train in Digital Signal Processor Trainer kit for programming concepts.
    2. Equipment available include function generators, digital storage oscilloscopes etc.
  • Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Lab:
    1. Students train in microprocessors, microcontrollers and interfacing peripherals programming
    1. Equipment available includes microprocessor kits, microcontroller kits, interfacing modules,
    2. Breadboard trainers, regulated power supplies, CROs etc.